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2009-01-07 13:41:31 by Sorrow-316

Well! if anyone notices my two Latest Songs are From Kingdom Hearts! i gotta say i did a good job on both! but the problem is sometimes i do too much of a Good job, and people Think its a Rip! Though noone Has Said anything to me About Ripping music but i can Garantee all my songs Are Not Ripped from Any Other Author Or Person! =)

Also in other News I am now Concentrating on "Kingdom Hearts" and Related at the Time, Sometimes i will Squeeze in a Different Song but otherwise im Attempting to Remake songs From the PS2 into a More Orchestrated Feel! sometimes i will Fail but if i dont well Then AWESOME!

This picture Was the First Disc Cover art i used, it is Made in Paint! now i have a Better more Smoother looking one ;)



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