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2009-11-11 12:06:39 by Sorrow-316

I Have been Doing Asslots of Projects over the Summer, and now Winter time is Apon the Horizon and i Will Begin Uploading. The First song i will talk about it is "Lost on the Road" which is not a Song From a Game, But one i have Heard, Im pretty Damn Sure that i did a good Job on it, I planned it out and it came out awesomelike, Basicly Its a Piano Intro With a Touch of Chinese Feel to it, It gave me the Feel Of being Lost on a Long Road so thus i named it that, BUT if you feel there is a better name for it Just PM me AFTER its released. <Release Gonna be maybe 13.11.09> so THATS ALL FOR NOW.


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2009-11-21 04:16:18

awesome man! lol I wish i had a 360 to add you
love your work Luigi, can't wait to see what you got! :D


2010-06-15 13:19:47

Help us bring down the KK! Join the anti-KK organization (no official name yet). /post/400624
You know they're going to try flagging that zero comment you gave them.

Sorrow-316 responds:

I know, and I dont Care, the KK are nothing but People who Wish to make Themselves Known for these deeds, and so they are, Its their Repuation they are making "better" in their oppinion