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Entry #22

The Game's and I.

2011-12-06 16:47:00 by Sorrow-316

After releasing VVVVVV - Pushing Onward I feel like Reason 5 has proven itself to me, and I am glad that its money well spent! Not sure whether or not I should check out some more VVVVVV music, Its mainly platforming style but its not bad!

I could also try some more retro approaches by checking out some Chrono Trigger Reduxes and maybe jamming in some Donkey Kong Country..

Check out Pushing Onward if you haven't yet here: Click this!


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2015-08-02 15:20:15

Yes bruh! Make more VVVVVV music, please :) I personally enjoy the track Pressure Cooker a lot.