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2009-01-07 13:41:31 by Sorrow-316

Well! if anyone notices my two Latest Songs are From Kingdom Hearts! i gotta say i did a good job on both! but the problem is sometimes i do too much of a Good job, and people Think its a Rip! Though noone Has Said anything to me About Ripping music but i can Garantee all my songs Are Not Ripped from Any Other Author Or Person! =)

Also in other News I am now Concentrating on "Kingdom Hearts" and Related at the Time, Sometimes i will Squeeze in a Different Song but otherwise im Attempting to Remake songs From the PS2 into a More Orchestrated Feel! sometimes i will Fail but if i dont well Then AWESOME!

This picture Was the First Disc Cover art i used, it is Made in Paint! now i have a Better more Smoother looking one ;)


Kingdom Hearts is Back!

2008-12-26 18:59:40 by Sorrow-316

I made 2 new Epic Kingdom hearts Songs! Hand in hand is the First i think on NG aswell!

Perfect Dark Is Here!

2008-12-25 21:00:05 by Sorrow-316

Well! my 2 Newest Songs are Carrington Institute and Training Mode Both From Perfect Dark! enjoy them!

Carrington Institute was kinda harder to make, getting all those instruments right can be a killer, Especially when you have yet to discover Bass instruments... =P. I Didnt Find many Songs under "Carrington Institute" well i really Only found 1, so thats what also helped me want to remake this song!

Training mode Was somewhat Easier then my other one, thats cause i left some instruments out, but also i knew what instruments to use. Luckly it came out with a good Score! i really remade this cause its my Favorite song in Perfect Dark! Really i could listen to it for awhile in a loop without it bothering me!

Well Enjoy the music and im off to see and plan what to do next! ;D

WELL! Halloween Town Turned out Amazing! i worked on it and had to Do alot of Shit to it before i got that! I gotta Say, Try to GUESS how Many Instruments i had to use...

I made a Sad song, Well the saddest i could think of and thats The Credit Theme From "schindlers List" which is a Very Moving Film and it has a Great Score, Shows alot of Bad things that happened.

And the Latest Is the More Wintery Feel! The "Whats this??" song From the Nightmare Before Christmas. i gave it a Bit of a More Lively Feel then the Original, Though i gotta Say, It could be Better, So keep a look out, i might Redo it! ;)

2 New Songs 1 Completely Redone!

Well The Two Latest right now are The Great escape March and Scherzo Di Notte more Known as The Hollow Bastion Battle Theme from Kingdom Hearts 1.

The Great escape March Was one i liked making, Finding only 1 On The Audio Portal From the Person who makes all those Sounds And What not, So i Gave it a Spin!

Scherzo Di Notte Came Out Wonderful, The Piano And Strings fit well, Sounds like the Real Deal! i am starting to like making Kingdom hearts Music Since they Have a Soft but hard Feel to them!

The Great escaping Scherzo Di notte!

Dive into the Heart Version 2

2008-12-14 15:34:43 by Sorrow-316

Im glad i remade this Song Finally! it needed some Fine Tuning, Well so far i think all you Who Heard the Last will Agree its Better then the Orginal! Enjoy it!

Dive into the Heart Version 2

Gummi Ships and the Covenant!

2008-12-03 16:28:51 by Sorrow-316

Well Gummi Ship and Covenant Dance Are my New Submissions at the Time! I am Proud of The Vocals I used in the Covenant Dance! They sound Great! the Gummi ship again has a Awesome String Section! im seeing that im Improving In my Music Skills! Well Thats all i can Say right now!

Gummi Ships and the Covenant!

Dive into the Heart AND Sinister Sundown!

2008-11-26 17:09:51 by Sorrow-316

2 NEW songs! i worked on these Both at the Same time, One got an hour and then the Other, And so on until they was Done! And NOW THEY ARE! check em out if you like! SInister Sundown is the FIRST on NG, I can Garantee it isnt all that Crappy, It might Be in your Opinion, but i cant change your Mind. ;)

Le Forest Temple!

2008-11-11 07:12:27 by Sorrow-316

Yes! I finally Did it! i Really WELL MADE Forest Temple Theme Hits NG audio Portal! It is So similar To the Original Yet SO different! I hope You who Read this, Check this Song Out! took me a LONG time to make It!

Stuff Stuff Stuff!

2008-10-22 18:56:51 by Sorrow-316

Alright people who Read this! i released dark Hyrule castle Today, not Accepting the Pitch failure, I fixed it! so now its awesome! in other news, The Newgrounds Halloween Theme has been up for quite awhile, hopefully my Dark theme will be used in some kind of Halloweenish Flash!