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2008-09-09 09:50:45 by Sorrow-316

ALRIGHT! well not much to say, I fixed up my Training mode song, The Yaw Is Gone and ive added 2 new songs in the Past week. I would also like to point out that i dont Make Remixes but Small Variations of Songs, So Dont be all like "SON It sounds TOO DAMN LIKE THE REAL THING IN A PM" because thats my Damn goal. Well Thats all i gotta Say. Well i got more but you dont need to know everything. NOW GO TO THE MATURE SECTION AND KNOCK YOURSELVES OUT.

-- Sorrow-316


Music Music Music

2008-03-29 11:47:49 by Sorrow-316

Well, I started making songs about 1 month ago, Mainly Revolving around gaming songs. most of the instruments i use are ocrchestrated. I never really Liked music that would Hurt ther ears, by far almost everyone loves Orchestral sounds and moods, so i attempt to Make that mood in each song, only Some Execptions go to the Song Type and where its from.

I learnt My music making skills rom Punk7890, a good Friend of mine I've known for a long time.

the Name 316 Mainly Comes from a Clan that Started on TimeSplitters future Perfect, The main Leader of the Clan is Known as ADAM 316, the co-Leader is yours Truely ME. and Punk7890 was also part of this clan, back then he was Known as FuTuRe 316. those Were Very Good times... to bad the Game went Down, Damn EA otook it down.

Well i got nothing more to talk about. check out my Songs and Go away. Lol